Wisconsin open records to the public

Common exemptions include:. Generally, any person may make an open records request. Wisconsin statutes limit access when the requestor is incarcerated or mentally committed to records that contain specific references to the requestor or his or her minor children. Yes copies of open records can be provided at the cost of 0.

The City of Mequon has the goal to produce materials within ten business days.

Open Records Requests

A large, detailed request may take longer. Electronic records are subject to the open records law. Computer programs are not subject to the open records law, but records produced as the product of a computer program are subject to inspection and copying. A request can not require staff to create a new record by extracting and compiling information from existing records in a new format.

City staff charges the actual, necessary and direct costs for copies of records, which are as follows:. Skip to main content. Home Contact Us.

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Search Tips. Open Record Requests. Common exemptions include: Drafts, notes, preliminary documents and similar materials Purely personal property with no relation to the office Material with access limited due to copyright, patent or bequest Computer programs but the material input and the material produced as the product of a computer program is subject to the right of inspection and copying Certain employee information Published material available for sale or at the library Who can make an open records request?

Who do I submit my request to? Generally the requestor need not identify himself or herself. Am I required to state the reason for my request? A requester is not required to state the purpose of the request. Can I inspect records?

Open Records Policy

The eight general exemptions deal with law enforcement records closed by federal law, identities of law enforcement informants, trade secrets as defined by the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, financially identifying information, and identity of applicants for government positions who request confidentiality, although this is waived if they become one of the final candidates. More on Wisconsin exemptions can be found in the resource section. The following attorneys and law firms have practiced public records law. Names marked with an asterisk have indicated a willingness to offer pro bono services on a case by case basis.

There are currently no experienced public records law attorneys that we know of in Wisconsin.

Information Collected and How It is Used

Write to us at info MuckRock. RCFP Wisconsin exemption discussions. RCFP Wis. Have a public records success story?

Open Records: Wis. Stat. §§ - | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Let us know! To whom does this apply? Is there a designated records custodian?

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How long do they have to respond? Does the agency have to give you a tracking number or estimated date of completion? Can they ask why you ask? What enforcement? Are there fee waivers for media requests or those made in the public interest?

Wisconsin Public Records Guide

Exemptions and Appeals What exemptions exist? Do they have to tell you why a portion or pages were redacted or withheld? How much time do you have to appeal?

Can you appeal the courts? Yes, appeals can be filed with the circuit court that the agency in question resides in.