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In Demand. It's My Life. Bon Jovi. Beautiful Day. David Gray. Pure Shores. All Saints. Spice Girls.

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Body Groove. Rosena Hill. Craig David. Body II Body.

As Now That’s What I Call Music! reaches its 100th album, here’s the definitive top 10 Nows

Samantha Mumba. Britney Spears. Can't Fight the Moonlight. Diane Warren. LeAnn Rimes. Cathy Dennis. S Club 7. It's Gonna Be Me. I'm Outta Love. Track Listing - Disc 2. I'm Over You. Martine McCutcheon. On A Night Like This. Kylie Minogue. Absolutely Everybody. Vanessa Amorosi. Walk Of Life. Billie Piper. Out Of Your Mind. I Turn To You. Melanie C. Kernkraft Zombie Nation. Time To Burn. Trancy Spacer.

Now That's What I Call Music! tracklisting revealed, including a 'Classics' CD - Smooth

Feel the Beat. Ordinary World. Duran Duran. You Take My Breath Away.

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Who The Hell Are You. Cheyne Coates. Madison Avenue. We will have to wait and see! I wonder if that will be the version used. It repeats a chorus I seem to remember I somehow doubt it but am prepared to be surprised. Jaminist A slightly different version to the album and single versions of this song.

1. Now That’s What I Call Music: Volume 32

The change occurs at where an extra chorus is sung instead of the instrumental break. Unique to Now 4 and not found anywhere else. Highly unlikely to be on the CD reissue. Channel No. As most of you will know, keeping the jewel case in good condition means taking care of it and not leaving it laying around the house for it to get scratched, cracked or marked. Some people selling the CD on e-bay thought it would be good to swap the jewel case for a new one.

Looking through the track listing the majority of artist on this compilation never appear on another Now album. Artists like Wham! Although Ray Parker Jnrs Ghostbusters appears on both compilations.

This is the last Now album to have pictures of the artists on the covers, Now 5 just had the artist logos and from Now 6 onwards the covers would be just graphics based. Craig, many of these artists who appeared on these first 4 Now comps found chart success more elusive after I have always thought that Band Aid was that watershed moment when the competitive edge between artists during that era fell away.

Is there a website anywhere which lists which mixes are used for each track on the Now albums? Not seen either song on CD collections other than the Now millennium series from twenty years back, so an upgrade in sound will be appreciated. The pages on Wikipedia for the separate Now albums including Now 4 have been removed. I wanted to check if I was correct to say that this was the only Now album not to reach number one on the album charts.

So many memories. Great memories!!

Now That's What I Call Music! 71 - Full Album - 20 Songs (2019)

If they want a copy of the original now 4 on cd if they reply here i will send them a copy, i have it. Maybe because at the time it was a rather differential single to the rest? Deserved much better. Still have on vinyl and the single cd version of 8. You can still buy them all over Amazon, eBay, Discogs,…etc. I like the sound of this. If you get a chance watch nick Heyward,warning sign,t. Glad they are continuing to release these even though I know it will contain the exact same mixes as what is on the vinyl.

I wonder why they stopped doing the vinyl re-issues after Now 2? Be great to get these re-issues on vinyl…. Peter — the originals are easy to pick up on vinyl — even NM copies — for reasonable money on Discogs. Why would you want a reissue with multiple errors? Been trying to track that down for years!!

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Great Madness collaboration!! Indeed, the Feargal Sharkey was a liquidator productions and music played by Madness. Bloody hell that Marca remix is truly dreadful.