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I said yes. Both campaigns took the position that these plaintiffs lacked standing. We saw rumors, but nothing that could be sourced to evidence. There were no statements and no documents that suggested he was born somewhere else. On the other side, there was proof that he was born in Hawaii. There was a birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser, which would be very difficult to invent or plant 47 years in advance.

Torri pointed to the Immigration and Nationality Act of , which sets a high bar for renunciation of American citizenship. A doctored version of this tape, which cuts off before the retraction, is posted on YouTube. Another claim: Obama traveled to Pakistan in , when it was illegal for an American to do so, suggesting that he used a non-American passport. The problem is that there never was any such ban. In October , when Berg v. Some anti-Obama claims take the issue entirely out of the hands of the president or Hawaii officials.

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Mike Castle R-Del. Constitutional scholars consider this a dubious argument at best. Apuzzo is not convinced. He speculated what might happen if Gov. May Urge Japan to open economy to ensure Asian recovery. May Korea: ease starvation, but avoid war during death throes. Apr Engage with China as they become a great power. Apr Mideast Nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel.

Sep Situation in Pakistan very serious, but not nuclear threat. Oct Called for rapid withdrawal of Marines from Lebanon. Sep Naive to exclude nukes; naive to exclude attacking Pakistan. Aug Russia Publicly rebuke Uzbekistan for human rights violations. Sep Concern over Chechnya spreads to Caucasus oil reserves. Jan Russia: Sanctions until Putin exits Chechnya. Oct Voted NO on killing a bill for trade sanctions if China sells weapons. Jan Sponsored bill suspending Russia's participation in the G Feb Libyan disarmament was a CIA success story. Mar Impose sanctions and an import ban on Burma.

May Supports standing with the nation of israel. Nov Two-state solution despite Israeli settlements on West Bank. May Call for Burma's junta to release political prisoners. Jan Sponsored bill supporting demonstrations against Iran. Jun Pressure friendly Arab states to end Israeli boycott. John McCain on Free Trade. Oct When have Americans ever been afraid of foreign competition?

Jun Globalization is an opportunity--reduce barriers to trade. Feb Consider subsidies a mistake, and oppose them. Dec Every time US went protectionist, we paid heavy price. Oct Supports ethanol, but by exporting, not by subsidies. Oct No environmental provisions in trade agreements. Nov Supports opening border to Mexican trucks. May Against foreign sales corporations offshore tax breaks.

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Feb Substitute trade treaties for protectionism. Jun Free trade with any country except security risks. Oct Voted NO on removing common goods from national security export rules.

Sep Voted YES on expanding trade to the third world. May Voted YES on renewing 'fast track' presidential trade authority. Nov Voted NO on imposing trade sanctions on Japan for closed market. Dec Sponsored bill for trade with post-Orange Revolution Ukraine. Apr Extend trade restrictions on Burma to promote democracy.

John McCain on Government Reform. Hayworth was unethical lobbyist hawking infomercials. Jul Considered one-term pledge to address age issue. Jan Picked Palin because she took on entrenched bureaucracy. Nov Led bipartisan "Gang of 14" on judicial nominee standoff.

Was McCain born in the USA?

Sep Fought corruption and the big spenders in both parties. Sep Share the credit for good ideas instead of fighting over it. Jan No signing statements: either sign or veto bills. Dec Focus on homeland safety, restoring trust, and fiscal policy. Dec Authored line-item veto law; struck down by Supreme Court. Oct Keating Five mea culpa established openness to press.

McCain defended Obama as a 'decent person' during the 2008 election

Oct Skepticism in government can lead to chaos. Oct As usual, responsible for none of earmarks in Oct Infuriates fellow senators by battling pork-barrel spending.

Oct Reform called incumbent protection, but fought by incumbents. Oct Reform election system, and get rid of electors. Sep Early Congressional races included large war chests.

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Sep Reform focus endears him to many, but alienates GOP insiders. Sep Reform was a lonely message in Sep No term limits; they throw away the good with the bad. Jan Influence peddling helps the Chinese Army. May Supports term limits on Congress. Oct Alleged affair with lobbyist hurt image as reformer. Jan 5-year struggle for CFR portrayed in press as epic tale. Mar Proposed barring campaign funds for personal expenses.

A Brief History of Trump’s Feud With John McCain

Feb The s need to be eliminated. Oct s are clearly illegal; reform intended for small donors. Apr Supported then opposed transparency in grassroots reporting. Jan Profile in Courage award for preserving integrity of system. Apr Campaign finance reform needed to restore faith in politics. May Supported non-severability as key component of CFR. Mar Clearer rules about campaign finance; no soft money.