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Income protection. Online access. Term deposits. Variety of options. Virgin Money Super. AustralianSuper Balanced Option. QSuper - Accumulation. Data last updated on 31 Aug Strong long-term performance Pay no transaction or switching fees and enjoy a range of different investment options SuperRatings awards. Past 5-year return. Go to site. Popular super funds. Admin fee. Calculated Fees on 50k. Go To Site.

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QSuper Lifetime. Go to site Compare. AustralianSuper - MySuper. International shares rose A lower exposure to traditional bonds and cash also greatly helped, given they were the worst performing sectors. The beginning of the financial year is a great time to get your super sorted. Read our guide on how to find any lost super you may have, and compare super funds here. You should also consider seeking the advice of a licensed financial adviser.

This publication is not intended to be, and should not be construed in any way as, investment, legal or financial advice. HOSTPLUS does not recommend that you make decisions concerning superannuation arrangements based solely on the information in this guide. The information in this guide is correct as at the date of publication.

In the event of a material change occurring to any information contained in this guide, irrespective of whether it is adverse or not, the trustee will notify existing members in writing within the time frames required by law. Updated information is available online at hostplus. Where a change to information in the guide is not materially adverse, for example, changes to the net fund earning rate and individual investment manager options, the trustee will provide updated information at hostplus.

Instead, we re-invest that money for the benefit of our members. We re also an award winning fund. You can update your personal details, make an investment choice, apply to increase or change your insurance cover, and review your account balance and contributions. Our Balanced default investment option has outperformed the Median Balanced Option over the longer term, that is the past 5, 7 and 10 years according to the SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey 8 August as at 30 June And because everyone has different goals, we offer a wide range of investment options to suit your investment timeframe, long-term goals, and risk profile from growth asset classes such as shares and property to defensive asset classes like fixed interest and cash.

Protecting your assets is an important part of a smart financial plan. For your peace of mind, HOSTPLUS offers several insurance options to cover you for death and disability as well as salary continuance, protecting your income stream if you re unable to work due to illness or injury. The material relating to the benefits of investing with HOSTPLUS may change between the time when you read this Statement and the day when you sign the application form.

Free fact-finding consultation with a financial adviser When you join HOSTPLUS, you re entitled to a free, no obligation fact-finding consultation with a licensed financial adviser from Industry Fund Financial Planning AFSL No financial advice is given, but it will help you decide whether or not you should seek financial advice.

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Visit hostplus. Risks of super It s important to know that all investments involve some risk. To offer members different levels of risk and potential return, HOSTPLUS invests in a range of asset classes such as cash, fixed interest, property and shares which can be further defined as defensive or growth. The mix of these growth and defensive asset classes determine the likely investment return and risk of a negative return for each investment option. Investment options with potentially the highest returns, such as shares, may also have the highest risk of negative returns over a shorter time period.

The returns you receive on your investments will vary they can be positive or negative and previous returns are not indicative of future returns. Returns are not guaranteed and negative returns will result in a reduction in your account balance. The amount of your future superannuation savings, including contributions and investments, may not be enough to provide adequately for your retirement. Other significant risks to your investment are the impact of inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, liquidity, derivatives and market failure.

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There are also operational risks such as changes to superannuation law and insurance terms changes. The level of risk appropriate for you will depend on your age, how long you are investing for, any other investments you may have, and how comfortable you are receiving negative returns in some years. The material relating to the risks of super may change between the time when you read this Statement and the day when you sign the application form. When making your investment choice you must consider the potential risk and return of an investment option and whether it suits your risk profile and timeframe, i.

And you can easily change your investment choice at no cost. How we invest your money before making a decision. The material relating to our investments may change between the time when you read this Statement and the day when you sign the application form.

Investment style Achieve positive returns that exceed the return of the Conservative Balanced option over rolling three-year periods. Maximise the prospect of positive returns each financial year. Achieve returns that are above the average return of other similar funds. Medium to high. Likelihood of a negative annual return in any one year: once every four to five years. This option may suit members who have a six-yearplus investment time horizon. Aims to produce consistent returns. Investments through diversified investment portfolio, including some growth assets and some lower risk investments.

Small differences in both investment performance and fees and costs can have a substantial impact on your long-term returns. You should consider whether features such as superior investment performance or the provision of better member services justify higher fees and costs. You may be able to negotiate to pay lower contribution fees and management costs where applicable. Ask the fund or your financial adviser. To find out more If you would like to find out more or see the impact of fees based on your own circumstances, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC website has a superannuation fee calculator to help you check out different fee options.

Fees and other costs at a glance Below is an outline of fees and other costs that you may be charged.

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These may be deducted from your super account, from the returns on your investment or from the fund assets as a whole. Type of fee or cost Amount Fees when your money moves in or out of the fund Example of annual fees and costs for a Balanced option The table below provides an example of how fees and costs for the HOSTPLUS Balanced option can affect your superannuation investment over a one-year period. You can use this table to compare this product with other superannuation products. Please note: our fees are not negotiable. These figures are current as at 30 June and may be subject to change.

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Establishment fee Contribution fee Withdrawal fee Termination fee Management costs The fees and costs for managing your investment. The ICR varies according to your chosen investment option s and ranges from 0. The amount you pay for a specific investment option is shown at hostplus. The material relating to our fees and costs may change between the time when you read this Statement and the day when you sign the application form.

How super is taxed Contributing to your superannuation can be a tax-effective way to save for your retirement. There are various tax levels that apply to your contributions and on the withdrawal of your super benefits. Tax on contributions 1 July to 30 June Type of contribution Under age 50 Age 50 and over Before-tax concessional such as employer, salary sacrifice and self-employed contributions. After-tax non-concessional from your net salary such as personal and spouse contributions.

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If you are self-employed or substantially self-employed i. Before-tax contributions over the cap may be paid by yourself directly or from your super account. After-tax contributions over the cap must be paid from your super account. Component Below preservation age Preservation age 59 Taxable From age 60, usually no tax is payable. It is in your interests to supply your TFN when you join. You will also be ineligible for the Government co-contribution incentive.

How super is taxed before making a decision. The material relating to how super is taxed may change between the time when you read this Statement and the day when you sign the application form. Insurance in your super Right now, your most valuable assets are your health, family and your income-earning potential. Protecting them against the unexpected should be an important part of your strategy.

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The amount you would be covered for depends on your age next birthday. The information in this section is a brief summary only. Full information about eligibility, the cancellation of insurance cover, any conditions or exclusions in relation to insurance cover and information about the level, type, actual cost or ranges of costs of optional insurance cover or any other matter in relation to insurance cover is provided at hostplus.