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Computer and Internet Info. Internet Communications. Personal sites and Blogs. Streaming Media. Computer and Internet Security. Internet Portals. Philosophy and Political Advocacy. Swimsuits and Intimate Apparel. Cult and Occult. Job Search. Phishing and Other Frauds. DNS Resolution may take from 0. Your customers may think that the server is slow, but actually it is just waiting for the DNS resolution response. You can use it, but if you want performance, you should avoid it, or schedule it to some CRON script I have written two functions to implement this.

I don't believe this issue has been addressed yet. I'm getting. Note that if you pass an IP address to gethostbyname it will return that IP address. I had difficulty getting gethostbyname to work under OpenBSD 3.

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To get PHP's gethostbyname to work, you need resolv. On a side-note, PHP 5. In short, once PHP looks up an address, it may not actually perform another lookup as you may expect.

In my particular case I think the problem was a change to resolv. In short, if you change resolv.

Some of them URLs were invalid the structure of it was ok but the DNS hosts couldn't resolve them and I kept getting an annoying warning. Instead use this function to try to resolve a host.

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This won't throw any warnings, you just need to check the output. You'll get the same warnings with fopen and fsockopen. On another note, it can be a pain when iterating with while loops for example that on failure gethostbyname returns the hostname, rather than FALSE. Usig the dot at the end of the host to not perform domain searches.

Always add the root.

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I also find this function a litle bit limited because it doesn't tell you if the resolve failed. If somebody notices a speed-up after the second lookup of the same domain - that's most likely your dns-cache itself, not some php-internal dns-cache. This is the best method I've come up with to resolve any host-name to ip-address, it's quick and reliable and has support for timeout! It works only with unix though.