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Then, when it's time to enroll, once the account is established, you may need additional information to answer the questions.

Medicare Benefits

If you sign up for Medicare online or by phone, you may need to submit additional information. Social Security will let you know if you need to do this and what that information might be. Learn more: The three ways to apply for Medicare Should you enroll in Medicare is you're still working? Instead of trying to wade through the mess of Medicare regulations by yourself, why not try the revolutionary, unbiased i65 Medicare decision-making software.

So, the Medicare timing and coverage type guidance you receive is always in your best interest. Medicare is a national health insurance program that covers millions of people and involves an even greater number of healthcare providers and services. Its size alone invites confusion and misinformation. Of course, in addition to taking these steps to protect your credit, you'll also need to request a new Medicare card if you haven't received it yet, via the steps described at the Medicare website.

Medicare Basics

If your new-style Medicare card is stolen, or lost under circumstances under which a criminal might discover it, the threat to your overall credit is less severe than the loss of your SSN, but you should still exercise caution. A good way to avoid the possibility of Medicare card theft or loss is to avoid carrying it around unless necessary. There is now an important exception to the practice, however: Care providers know Medicare has issued new cards, and if they have an old-style card on file, they'll ask for your new card so they can update their files.

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If you haven't received it yet, that won't be a problem, but once you get it, you should bring the new card to each of your provider's next appointment. Even though your new Medicare claim number is less susceptible to identity theft than your SSN, you should handle the new number with the same level of caution you'd give your SSN or a bank account number:. Medicare is taking steps in the right direction to help reduce exposure to identity theft. Combined with some caution and vigilance on your part, you can safeguard your claim number and avoid inconvenience and abuse.

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How to apply for Medicare online?

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